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List of Dinosaurs

List of Dinosaurs

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Majungasaurus by Frank Lode


Quick Majungasaurus Facts: - May have indulged in cannibalism - Was 2 car lengths long - Weighed as much as a Rhinoceros - Ran on two legs - Was one of the last dinosaurs to have lived
Sauroposeidon by Jk


Quick Sauroposeidon Facts: - Fossils have been found in Oklahoma, Wyoming and Texas - Weighed as much as 10 elephants - As high as a 6 story building - Was 10 car lengths long - Its neck length was 40 feet long
Edmontosaurus by Jk


Quick Edmontosaurus Facts: - Edmontosaurus weighed as much as 2 Black Rhinoceros - Was over 4 car lengths long - Was about 2 stories high - Its name means “Edmonton Lizard” - Lacked a bony crest like other hadrosaurids
Deinocheirus by SameerPrehistorica


Quick Deinocheirus Facts: - May have climbed trees like modern sloths - Deinocheirus is the largest bird mimic of all time - Weighs as much as an African Elephant - Was 3 car lengths long - Was as large as a Tyrannosaurus Rex - Had 10 inch claws and 8 foot long arms


Quick Gastonia Facts: - About as long as a train car - Weighed as much as a Black Rhinoceros - Ate mainly low lying plants and leaves - Gastonia was hunted by Utahraptor - Ran at a speed of about 8 miles per hour - Was probably a herd animal
Dilong by Alex Lovegrove


Quick Dilong Facts: - Was as long as a human is tall - Weighed as much as a turkey - Run as fast as a road runner - Lived in what is now China - Name means “emperor dragon” - May have been warm blooded - May have had feathers
Parasaurolophus by Magdalen (Magda)


Quick Saurolophus Facts: - Lived in North America and Asia - Was as long as a school buses - Was as tall as a 2 story home - Weighed as much as 2 Black Rhinos - Ate the equivalent of 150 heads of lettuce a day - It's name means “lizard crest” - Could run as fast as a rhinoceros
Rajasaurus by Steven Thompson


Quick Rajasaurus Facts: - Was 3 car links long - Was as tall as a 1 story home - Weighed as much as 6 Gorillas - Could run as fast as a Polar Bear - Lived in what is now India
Sinraptor by Cheung Chung Tat


Quick Sinraptor Facts: - Ran as fast as a Polar Bear - Was half the length of a school bus - Weighed as much as 2 Arabian horses - Lived in what is now Asia - Was as tall as a 1 story home
Guanlong by Frank Lode


Quick Guanlong Facts: - Guanlong was a car link long - Weighed as much as a large dog - Lived in what is now Asia - Was related to Tyrannosaurus Rex - Was a carnivore
Carnotaurus by Galileo Nunez


Quick Carnotaurus Facts: - The Carnotaurus can run as fast a kangaroo can hop - It weighed as much as 10 gorillas - Had tiny arms like a T Rex - Only one fossil of this dinosaur has yet been found - It knobby horns may have been used for combat.


Quick Dunkleosteus Facts: - Lived during the Late Devonian Period. - Lived in oceans worldwide - Was a predatory fish - Was longer than a London bus - Weighed as more than a killer whale