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Apatosaurus by Peter Montgomery


Quick Apatosaurus Facts: - Another name for Apatosaurus is Brontosaurus. - This dinosaur was an herbivore - It could crack its tail at over 200 decibels - It's name means “deceptive lizard” - Likely, it was impossible for it to raise its head
Deinonychus by Ihno Oetjen


Quick Deinonychus Facts: - These dinosaurs are believed to be highly intelligent - They stood about 5 feet tall - They weighed about as much as a man does - These dinosaurs are believed to have been warm blooded - This dinosaur had over 60 razor sharp teeth
Ankylosaurus by Steven Thompson


Quick Ankylosaurus Facts: - Its armor was similar to that of a modern crocodile - Its tail was used like a weapon - Godzilla's nemesis Anguirus is based on Ankylosaurus - Fossils of this dinosaur have been found in Canada and Montana - Its armor made it almost impossible to be preyed upon
Carnotaurus by Galileo Nunez


Quick Carnotaurus Facts: - The Carnotaurus can run as fast a kangaroo can hop - It weighed as much as 10 gorillas - Had tiny arms like a T Rex - Only one fossil of this dinosaur has yet been found - It knobby horns may have been used for combat.
Dilophosaurus by Nobu Tamura


Quick Dilophosaurus Facts: - Dilophosaurus may have been warm blooded - Its fossils have been found in North America and China - It is believed to have a top speed of about 20 MPH - Dilophosaurus weighed as much as 5 large boars - It was three times as long as a human is tall
Argentinosaurus by Raul Martin


Quick Argentinosaurus Facts: - This dinosaur weighed as much as 10 African Elephants! - It was almost as long as a football field is wide! - Its name means “Argentine Lizard” - They had a top speed of about 5 MPH—as fast as a turtle - They had a max height of about 4 stories.
Giganotosaurus by Todd Marshall


Quick Giganotosaurus Facts: - Giganotosaurus had a 6 foot long head—as big as the average human! - This dinosaur could swallow a human being in one bite - It had almost 80 serrated teeth - Its largest teeth were 8 inches long - This dinosaur was as almost as long as a railroad car.
Tyrannosaurus by Vlad Konstantinov


Quick Tyrannosaurus Facts: - This dinosaur had 60 razor sharp teeth - The teeth on the Tyrannosaurus could be up to 9 inches long - This dinosaur used its tail to maintain balance - The Tyrannosaurus weighed as much as an Asian Elephant - This dinosaur's top speed was about 18 MPH—faster than humans!
Allosaurus by L. D. Austin


Quick Allosaurus Facts: - This dinosaur weighed about half as much as an African Elephant - It stood 16 feet tall; 3 feet taller than the average elephant - It was 40 feet or longer; this made it as long as 3 Hippos - Allosaurus means “different lizard” - It could move at about 20 MPH—the speed of a charging giraffe.
Brachiosaurus by Sergio Perez


Quick Brachiosaurus Facts: - Their names mean “arm lizards” - They weighed as much 4 elephants - They stood over 2 ½ stories high - They were as long as 2 railroad cars - They lived in North America, Africa and Tanzania
Stegosaurus by Heinrich Harder


Quick Stegosaurus Facts: - Stegosaurus had the brain of a Walnut - Scientists call the Stegosaurus's spiked tail a thagomizer - It swallowed rocks to aid in digesting plant matter - Stegosaurus means “roofed lizard” - This dinosaur's bite was weaker than a human's bite
Diplodocus by Mark A Stevenson


Quick Diplodocus Facts: - Diplodocus means Double Beamed. - Diplodocus weighed the same as a truck (12-13 tons) - This dinosaur's neck and tail consisted of almost 100 vertebrae - One of the slowest moving dinosaurs reaching speeds of around 8 miles per hour - Diplodocus specimens have been found in Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming
Brontosaurus by Jk


Quick Brontosaurus Facts: - The Brontosaurus was a herbivore - Name of this dinosaur means “Thunder Lizard” - The Brontosaurus didn't chew its food - It's believed this dinosaur's tail was used as a weapon - Brontosaurus remains have been found in Utah, Wyoming And Mexico
Spinosaurus by Nobu Tamura


Quick Spinosaurus Facts: - The meaning of Spinosaurus is Spine Lizard - They were the biggest carnivorous dinosaur on Earth - They could weigh as much as 3 elephants - They could stand over 6 stories high - They lived around Egypt and Morocco - They lived during the Cretaceous period
Triceratops by Charlie


Quick Triceratops Facts: - Triceratops were 30 feet long (as long as 3 car links) - Triceratops weighed 12 tons; as much as 2 male elephants - They lived in the parts of Western Canada and U.S - They charged just like Rhinos do when threatened - They were herbivores
Velociraptor by Michael Skrepnick


Quick Velociraptor Facts: - They have hollow bones like a bird - Their name means “swift robber” - They were carnivorous scavengers - They weighed less than an average turkey - They lived around Central Asia and Mongolia

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