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Artists that attempt to reconstruct or depict prehistoric life according to the current knowledge and scientific evidence are called paleoartists. Their work is promptly displayed throughout our site. To find more artwork of any particular paleoartist, follow the links below the images.This directory was created for interested parties (schools, museums, media, etc...) to be able to get in direct contact with the artists for the purpose of ordering their paleoart in larger printed versions, ordering custom artwork, sculptures and other types of presentations of life in a prehistoric era.If you are a paleoartist and would like to have your work presented on our site, contact us here.

Stegosaurus by Heinrich Harder


Quick Stegosaurus Facts: - Stegosaurus had the brain of a Walnut - Scientists call the Stegosaurus's spiked tail a thagomizer - It swallowed rocks to aid in digesting plant matter - Stegosaurus means “roofed lizard” - This dinosaur's bite was weaker than a human's bite


Quick Pteranodon Facts: - Lived during the Late Cretaceous Period - Lived in what is now known as North America - Was 12 times heavier than a Red-tailed Hawk - Had 3 times the wingspan of a Crowned Eagle - Was a Piscivore and/or Carnivore