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Prehistoric Fish


Quick Coelacanth Facts: - Is considered a "living fossil" - Has remained pretty much the same for 400 million years - Can live up to 60 years - Lives around Indonesia and Africa - About as long as a king-sized mattress - Weighs twice as much as an octopus


Quick Xiphactinus Facts: - Lived during the Late Cretaceous Period - Lived in the waters around what is now North America, Western Europe and Australia - Was a predatory bony fish - Was over 3 times the length of a full size bed - Weighed as much as a grand piano


Quick Dunkleosteus Facts: - Lived during the Late Devonian Period. - Lived in oceans worldwide - Was a predatory fish - Was longer than a London bus - Weighed as more than a killer whale


Quick Pikaia Facts: - Lived during the Early Cambrian Period - Lived in the waters around North America - Was the first true chordate - The length of 3 aspirins placed end to end - Weighed as much as a CD (compact disc)


Quick Leedsichthys Facts: - Lived during the Middle Jurassic Period - Lived in oceans all over the world - Was a filter-feeder - May have been as long as a bowling lane - Could have weighed as little as a hippo - Could have weighed as much as a 6 elephants - Lived on a diet of plankton
Stegosaurus by Heinrich Harder


Quick Stegosaurus Facts: - Stegosaurus had the brain of a Walnut - Scientists call the Stegosaurus's spiked tail a thagomizer - It swallowed rocks to aid in digesting plant matter - Stegosaurus means “roofed lizard” - This dinosaur's bite was weaker than a human's bite


Quick Gigantopithecus Facts: - Lived from the Miocene Period through the Pleistocene Period - Lived in what is now Asia - Almost twice the height of a refrigerator - Weighed more than a horse - Was an herbivore - May have lived off bamboo - May have been as strong as 20 men