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Marsupial Evolution

Marsupial Evolution


Quick Thylacosmilus Facts: - Lived during the Late Miocene through the Late Pliocene Period - Was not a true sabre-tooth cat - Was a marsupial - Its saber-teeth grew its entire life - Was as long as a a jaguar - Weighed more than a lion - Lived in South America - Was a carnivore


Quick Thylacoleo Facts: - Lived during the Pleistocene through the Modern Period - Was as long a leopard - Weighed as much as a cougar - Was a carnivore - Had a strong tail - Lived all over Australia


Quick Diprotodon Facts: - Lived during the Pleistocene Period - Probably couldn't hop - Was as long as a black rhino - Weighed as much as a giraffe - Was an herbivore - Lived all over Australia


Quick Procoptodon Facts: - Lived during the Pleistocene to the Modern Period - Probably couldn't hop - Was twice the height of a normal kangaroo - Weighed as much as a modern pig - Was an herbivore - Lived in Australia

Tasmanian Tiger

Quick Tasmanian tiger Facts: - Lived during the Early Pliocene to the Holocene Period - Was longer than a yard-stick - Had a shoulder height equal to a bowling pin - Weighed more than a dalmatian - Was a carnivore-it probably lived off a diet of small wallabies and ostriches - Lived in Australia and Tasmania
Allosaurus by L. D. Austin


Quick Allosaurus Facts: - This dinosaur weighed about half as much as an African Elephant - It stood 16 feet tall; 3 feet taller than the average elephant - It was 40 feet or longer; this made it as long as 3 Hippos - Allosaurus means “different lizard” - It could move at about 20 MPH—the speed of a charging giraffe.


Quick Liopleurodon Facts: - Lived during the Middle Jurassic Period - Lived in oceans all over the world - Was as fast as a Great White Shark - Weighed more than a Beluga Whale - Was a Carnivore