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Prehistoric Dogs

Prehistoric Dogs


Quick Epicyon Facts: - Lived from the Middle through Late Miocene Periods - Lived in North America - Was as long as a lioness - Weighed as much as a lion - May have been a carnivore or an omnivorous scavenger - Had powerful jaws


Quick Amphicyon Facts: - Lived from the Middle Oligocene through the Early Miocene Periods - Lived in Asia, Europe and North America - Was as long as a human adult male is tall - Weighed as much as a lion - It was an omnivore

Dire Wolf

Quick Dire Wolf Facts: - Lived during the Rancholabrean North American Land Mammal Age - Lived in North America - Weighed half as much as a panda bear - Was twice as long as a coyote - It was a carnivore - May have hunted horses
Gorgosaurus by Spike Ekins


Quick Gorgosaurus Facts: - This dinosaur had a max speed of 28 MPH - It lived 76 million years ago - It weighed as much as a box truck - Was as long as 3 car links - It could bite through bone

Elephant Bird

Quick Elephant Bird Facts: - Went extinct during the 18th century - Lived in Madagascar - Was half the height of a giraffe - Weighed more than a horse - Probably had a diet of fruit - Was the biggest bird of all time