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The Marine Reptiles of The Late Cretaceous

The Marine Reptiles of The Late Cretaceous


Quick Mosasaurus Facts: - Lived during the Late Cretaceous Period - Lived in oceans all around the world - Was about as long as a modern North Pacific right whale - Weighed as much much as a modern Sperm whale - Ate fish, shellfish and squids
Spinosaurus by Nobu Tamura


Quick Spinosaurus Facts: - The meaning of Spinosaurus is Spine Lizard - They were the biggest carnivorous dinosaur on Earth - They could weigh as much as 3 elephants - They could stand over 6 stories high - They lived around Egypt and Morocco - They lived during the Cretaceous period


Quick Ichthyosaurus Facts: - Lived during the Early Jurassic Period - Lived in oceans worldwide - Was a marine adapted reptile - Was about the size of an adult human male - Could swim as fast as a dolphin - Was a Piscivore - Was Viviparous (gave birth to live young) - Lived off fish and squids